Day 20: My Guys

Not a lot to say for today… happy that the weekend is here though, should be a good one 🙂

Here’s Day 20: a few father/son shots 🙂






Day 19: Smiles for Dad!

We had a nice day today. Ev got to come home a little early from work – I know that’s not a huge deal, but it’s still a nice little perk that makes our day that much better!

The babies were so happy to have their daddy home, all the smiles in the photo’s were just for him 🙂

Day 19: Daddy’s Sweethearts

Day 19






Day 18: The little Gent.

I can’t believe my little guy will be 3 months old in a few days. Time goes by so fast after you’ve had a baby, and even faster after you’ve had your 2nd.

Baby J is so sweet. Always quiet and calm as can be. Very curious and cuddly –  he’s such a happy baby!

So glad my little man was in a good mood and decided today was the day he’d warm up to the camera a little more!

Here is Day 18: my handsome little guy ❤

Day 18: Baby J

day18 (2 of 6)

day18.1 (3 of 4)





last one is of the little lady… trying to be boss 😛



Day 17: A better day… and girl time!

Had a more productive day. The house is in order, laundry done, and made an awesome dinner… chalk it up as a win for this mom today 🙂

Cuteness of the day = While Joel and Ev hung out in the living room, Abi followed me into my room where I was going to watch my show – I only caught about 4 minutes of it because we ended up playing the whole time… – and since it was just the two of us I said we were having “girl time”… she thought about it for a bit then said “Joel girl too!” because she didn’t want her brother to be left out… What a sweetie! 🙂

Here is Day 17: My girl-time pal 🙂Day 17

Day 16: Case of the “Monday’s”

My Monday’s are either awesome, energetic and productive… or, like today, they’re just the opposite. The house was (and still is) such a mess, I was tired all day… then we ended up throwing a frozen dinner in the oven, which is a sure sign of defeat on my part.

I could have scurried around the house all day in a frazzled state to get everything done… but I decided instead to just let it all go – and as an added treat – to not beat myself up about it. There’s always tomorrow…

Glad to have this project which forces me to slow down and focus on what matters most…

Here is day 16: My beautiful family ❤

Day 16

my family

story time

Day 14: Camera Shy

My mom is in town this weekend! I’m always so excited for Abi when her “Amma” is around, because those two love each other like crazy!

Within minutes of my mom walking through the door, Abi is asking for her jacket and saying “Bye-bye mummy…later…(see you) soon…” 😛

So while they went off to have an adventure in town, Joel had the camera-time all to himself today! Some days it’s challenging to get any shots of Baby J… he’s always turning away from the camera… I think it’s something about the camera hiding my face that he doesn’t like? Anyway… I tried…

Here is Day 14 – Baby J and Daddy cuddles!

Baby J and Daddy