Day 51: Laundry Day

Abi is always excited to head downstairs to help me out with the laundry. It’s more the stairs than the laundry that she gets excited about… she loves counting our steps as we head down, then sits and waits for me on the bottom step until it’s time to head back up.

Day 51: Mommy’s little helper

Day 51


Day 48: Forts and Flashlights

We haven’t gotten out of the house much this week. I think it was starting to get to the little ones today – they were both so cranky… So we decided to have some fun and make a tent in the kitchen with chairs and a bed sheet. It seemed to brighten the mood at least for a bit! 🙂

Day 48: The little ones – all snuggled up under the tent, having fun with the flashlight feature on my phone.




Day 46: Hanging with the girls.

Sad we had to miss out on Abi’s yoga class today – but glad we had a nice visit with friends! My friend Stephanie came over with her daughter Mikah. Every toy in the house ended up on the living room floor… hopefully that is a sign that the girls had fun! 🙂 Joel was just as calm and quiet as could be during the visit… as he usually is. I’m so curious to see how his personality develops… he’ll go from being quiet and observant for long periods of time, to cooing your ears off with his cute little stories! He was all smiles and giggles when his Daddy got home today!

Here’s Day 46: Jolie, telling Daddy how silly it is to hang with the girls all day 😛

Day 46




Then back to his quiet time… 🙂