Day 112: Turtle Time

Today on our way home we stopped along the road and found a little turtle! I thought Abilynn would be excited, but she was a little unsure and decided to keep her distance. We said hello to the turtle, then Ev moved him off the road and onto the grass so he wouldn’t get run over.

Day 112: Hello Turtle!

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Day 111: My Smiley Girl

Not a lot to say about today… We tried to find a new movie for Abilynn to watch – but apparently if it’s not Frozen… she’s not interested! Then we had some fun outside, Abi loves being chased around the yard by Daddy and Joel 🙂

Day 111: My speedy gal was running a bit too fast and had a little tumble… couldn’t change the big smile on her face though 🙂

Day 111


Day 109: Back in the Saddle

We’ve got ourselves a little ‘Frozen’ fanatic at our house! We finally got the DVD so it’s been one long Frozen marathon for the past few days. Abilynn loves to sing along to her favourite songs, and talk along to her favourite lines… it’s pretty cute 🙂 She got so excited at the part where Princess Anna is riding away on a horse to go find Elsa… and ran to her little rocking horse to take a ride! It was her first time getting on the horse since the first day we brought it home… thanks to Princess Anna my little princess has conquered her fear of rocking 😉

Day 109: Getting back on the horse 🙂

2014-05-28_0002 2014-05-28_0003

Abi’s rule is: you can’t ride a rocking horse without a hat! So she borrows Joels sun hat when she rides… and made sure Joel had it on when Daddy was helping him take his turn 🙂