Day 87: On the bright side…

A long Monday has been followed up by a long Tuesday. But rather than focus on what made the day long, I want to focus on what made it good…

  •  The babies and I got to have some nice family time at my Grans house *best part of our day :)*
  • We showed up at Starbucks about 10 minutes too late for their frappuccino “happy hour”, and the very kind barista gave us the deal anyway 🙂
  • Another day at the ball park where we got to see Dev make 2 awesome hits… little allstar!
  • Dinner was already made when we got home… so I didn’t have to cook!
  • I got to enjoy about a million smiles, laughs, kisses and cuddles from Abi and Joel… They make all my days worth living… I love my babies so much! ❤

Day 87: Abilynn getting ready for bedtime…finally 😛 (She loves her new baseball jammies… almost as much as I do! They’re so cute :))

Day 87

Then some mirror fun… 🙂


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