Day 142: Safe and Sound

It was not the best day today… all I can say is I’m glad we’re all home… happy and safe!

Day 142: Abilynn about to have a visit at Grans house… after a rough drive home. :S

Day 142



Day 141: Happy and Free

The little lady and I spent the evening running around in the yard. It had rained earlier in the day so the grass was still a little damp… but we were having too much fun to let it bother us!

Day 141: Happy

Day 141 Little Lady

Last one is of my daughter and I…. 🙂

Mommy and Daughter

Day 136: Starbucks Date

I don’t have any Tuesday shows to watch with Abi anymore, so we take our girl-time dates to town now. Today’s date involved a trip to the post office where the little lady got to carry the mail key in her pocket… she felt very excited and important and did a great job of keeping the key safe! Then it was like one thing after another was going wrong on our little adventure, but eventually we made our way to Starbucks to pick up some iced coffee good-ness for Mommy and Daddy, and for the little gal – a non-caffeinated creme frappuccino… which she likes to call a milkshake 🙂 By this time we had Daddy and Joel with us, but Abz LOVES to sit in at Starbucks, so we sat at a table for a few minutes while she enjoyed the first sips of her treat before meeting back up with the guys out in the car.

day 136: Starbucks Girl ❤

Day 136 Yummm! So good! Nothing like a cold frap in the summer :)