Day 204: Bed-Time Story.

Abi is still loving the books we took out from the library. She had her Daddy read her one tonight before bedtime 🙂

Day 104: Story Time!

Day 104 story time


Day 201: A Day At The Fair!

Today we loaded the kids in the car, picked up Abi and Joel’s fave cousin Devon and drove out to Armstrong to check out the fair! We had such a good time looking at all the animals, eating treats, playing games, and walking around. Devon was the only one to actually ride the rides. Abilynn is finally big enough to get on some of the rides, but she was too scared… she was excited to watch Dev from the sidelines though! 

Day 201: Characters! 😛

Day 201 2014-08-28_0003 2014-08-28_0004 2014-08-28_0005 2014-08-28_0006

Day 200: “A milestone passed, new things begun, dreams as shining as the sun, a goal achieved, a victory won!” – Author Unknown

Hit another milestone number in my 365 today – Day 200! 

Hard to believe it’s been another 100 days… I wanted to plan something special for the photo, but we have been so busy lately the day just sort of snuck up on us! We did what we could though, dressed up the babies and headed out to one of our favourite parks… and I am so in love with the results! 

Day 200: My Handsome-Handsome!

Day 200 2014-08-27_0002 2014-08-27_0003 2014-08-27_0004 2014-08-27_0005 2014-08-27_0006

Joel found the first sign of fall… and it’s only August!…2014-08-27_0007 2014-08-27_0008 2014-08-27_0009 2014-08-27_0010

This fruit snack was the only thing that would keep her still… not quite the vision I had in mind for her photo’s today, but you do what you gotta do to get the shot 😛2014-08-27_0011 2014-08-27_0012 2014-08-27_0013 2014-08-27_0014 2014-08-27_0015 2014-08-27_0016 2014-08-27_0017


Day 198: Manic Monday.

Monday went by like a blur. Joel had a hard time sleeping last night so I was running off just of 2-3 hours sleep. Luckily the kids’ Aunty Lacey was there to help me out with them today while I had some running around to do. Getting errands done isn’t so easy on so little sleep, I kept having to turn the car around to grab thing’s I’d left at home – took me forever to get anything done!

Day 198: Glad to say the babies had a much happier Monday than Mommy… here they are winding down for the night.

Day 198 2014-08-25_0001