Day 192: Bookworm

I’ve always had a love for reading. I can still remember the excitement of going to the bookstore when I was little and getting to pick out a new book for myself. My shelves are full of favourites I’ve collected throughout the years, including the Nancy Drew my Nan bought me on one of our trips to Cole’s bookstore at least 20 years ago… 

I’m so proud my little gal seems to have inherited my love of books! Every day she brings one to me and asks if I can read it to her. Then when we’re done she runs off to grab another, and another…  

Today we took a trip to the library where Abi got to check out a few books for the first time. She chose a Berenstain Bears Christmas book, and a froggy book. She also made a little friend while we were there who kept bringing me books to read to them… I thought we’d never get out of there! 😉

Day 192: My little bookworm, sitting outside the library with her must-reads!

Day 192



2 thoughts on “Day 192: Bookworm

  1. Our newest little bookworm… and what a cutie pie. I miss our morning reads as well… Abi is always running to find her new and old favorites to read. Love this, must give her the travel books I bought for her. 🙂
    Amma 🙂

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