Day 229: Hello Kitty

It’s not even October yet and we are already pumped for Halloween! We love to read books about trick or treating that we picked up from the library. Today Abi pointed to a bag one of the kids was holding in the book we were reading and asked what it was. I told her it was a trick or treating bag to hold candy! She said “I want one of those…a BIG one!”. She also keeps saying she would like to be a Kitty for Halloween πŸ™‚

Day 229: Little Kitten

Day 229

Day 228: Owl Keep You Warm

Last week Abi fell in LOVE with some flower ear muffs while we were out shopping. They were for older kids so they were too big for her to get any use out of, and she was heartbroken when we didn’t come home with them… So I was pretty happy to find this cuteΒ owl headband to keep her little ears warm now that the weather is starting to cool down.

Day 228: Cuteness

Day 228