Day 252: The Pumpkin Patch

I love October. There’s so many fun things to do in our neck of the woods! Today we told Abilynn we were going out for a fun surprise – she was so excited! We picked up Dev then headed out to The Pumpkin Patch! They had their pumpkins picked out pretty quickly (which you’d think would have been the highlight of the trip), but then the real fun began! We started picking through all the colourful corn! Who knew it was so much fun? I think we could have sat there all day searching for whatever corn was left on the stalks and peeling back the husks just to see who could find the most unique little gem to take home… I think Ev and Dev’s picks were probably the best 😉

Day 252: Devon’s favourite pick 🙂

Day 252

My cute little pumpkins 🙂

Day 252 2014-10-18_0002 2014-10-18_0003

These were the ones Ev, Abi, Joel and I took home!


And these are the little gems Devon picked out 🙂



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