Day 295: Tired Boy.

We had a pretty successful shopping trip today… aside from the fact that Joel lost one of his boots somewhere in the mall!

Day 295: All shopped out and ready for bed! 🙂

Day 295


Day 293: All Bundled Up!

We were all bundled up tonight to go to our downtown lightup! Joel had the best time cruisin’ around in his stroller seeing all the lights and people. Abilynn was so sweet and a little stunned when she got to meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf! We didn’t stop for any of the kids activities they had set up – it was too cold! We just did a quick walk up and down main street then headed back to our car to get warm…. then a quick stop for some icecream 😛

Day 293: Baby J all bundled up 🙂

Day 293

Day 289: Last Man Standing.

It doesn’t happen very often, but Joel was pretty excited to be up longer than his big sister tonight! Abilynn missed her nap today – it was melt down city at our house so we put her to bed earlier than usual. Joel had a blast being the only one up with Mommy and Daddy! He was dancing, laughing, being crazy and having fun!

Day 289: Baby J having the best time ever 🙂

Day 289