Day 72: Goodbye January…

This little gal is so pumped for tomorrow! She brought home her class calendar for February and there’s a lot of excitement going on at school for the month! So tonight for our photo time we went over all the fun things she is waiting for, including some wavy hair for school tomorrow 😉

Day 72: All braided up and  ready to start a new month! 🙂

Day 72 (1 of 1).jpg


Day 71: In The Blink Of An Eye…

I can’t believe how much this boy has GROWN in the past week! In the blink of an eye he is filling out clothes that didn’t fit a couple weeks ago, and is noticeably heavier. He has officially started on solids and it shows!

Day 71: My growing boy ❤

Day 71 (1 of 1).jpg