Day 128: Joel’s Pick

I got Joel to help me pick today’s photo. He said ‘The one where I go ‘wah, wah!'”.

Day 128: He was actually pretending to sleep, not cry 😛

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Day 126: She Wears Her Sunglasses at Night…

Abilynn was modeling my new sunglasses tonight before bedtime… got to love her posing skills 🙂

Day 126: My cool little lady ❤

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Day 125: Baby Teeth

I love those smiles where he shows off his little teeth 🙂

Day 125: Greyson Todd ❤

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Day 124: Proud Baby!

Joel’s been having a lot of potty success this week – we’re all pretty excited and proud! But the best part is seeing how proud he is of himself 🙂

Day 124: My happy little boy ❤

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Day 123: Shopping Day

Earlier this week the kids were having a hard time on our walk with their clunky winter boots, so today we went out to get them some new runners for spring. While we were out we also got some new accessories for my girl – and since there is no boy equivalent for accessories, Joel got another hot wheels car to add to the collection… 🙂

Day 123: She’s loving her new headband and owl lip gloss ❤

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Day 122: Wrestle Mania 2017?…

It might look like Abilynn is putting her brother into a sleeper hold – but she was actually just trying to get him to turn his head to give him a kiss on the cheek 😛

Day 122: Brother Sister time ❤

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