219: Little Graduate

Abilynn had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony today! She is now reading and writing, doing simple math, and is more precise with her colouring. They gave her an award for her kindness and good behavior, and I couldn’t be more proud of how much she has grown in this past year ❤

Day 219: My Kindergarten Graduate

Day 218-0228.jpg


Day 218: Party Day!

A notice was sent home a couple weeks ago about Joel’s class party. Joel didn’t care so much, but because there was a picture of a cake on the notice this little gas has been counting down the day’s for cake time!

Day 218: Happy and covered in frosting 😉

Day 217-0174.jpg

Day 217: Sad Eyes

She was over tired and having a hard time… but still wanted to be in the photo for the day.

Day 217: Sad eyes

Day 216-0145.jpg


Day 216: His Sweet Smile :)

Greyson was looking so cute in Joels old summer hat.

Day 216: Flashing me his sweet little grin 🙂

Day 215-0134.jpg


Day 215: Happy and Proud!

I beaded Abilynn some hair ties for her school’s mini powwow. She was so proud to wear them and had a great time dancing! 🙂

Day 215: Happy and proud ❤

Day 214-0074.jpg


Day 214: Patience…

Sometimes she is all about posing, and sometimes she just patiently waits for Mommy to take a photo…

Day 214: My patient little lady.

Day 213-0062.jpg


Day 213: A Happy Gal

My little gal in a good mood before heading to bed.

Day 213: Happy face 🙂

Day 212-0053.jpg