Day 287: Wildflower

Took the kids out to one of my favourite spots for photo’s since their school doesn’t offer school photos 🙂

Day 287: Such a beauty, always interested in the smallest details

Day 287-1.jpg


Day 285: Little Thinker

Joel was deep in thought for picture time

Day 285: Smart little man!

Day 285-1.jpg


Day 284: Off to bed…

My sweet boy won’t always need to be carried off to bed…

Day 284: sweet little sleeper

Day 284-1.jpg


Day 283: Grade 1 Girl

My girl is in grade 1 this year and loving it 🙂

Day 283: Smart little cookie!

Day 283-1


Day 282: It was all a blur…

And in the blink of an eye, our summer was over and the kids were back to school…

Day 282: first day

Day 282-1


Day 281: Baby Grey

Greyson was out and about at the playground when we took this photo…

Day 281: Baby Grey

Day 281-1.jpg